Colour Review

Has your colouring changed over the years? Or have you changed your hair colour and found that the shades of your clothing no longer suit you?

That could be because you've moved from one season to another (pre-2008) or you now fit into a different Dominant Colouring Type (2008 onwards).

Colour review - Personal I see Colour me Beautiful clients who are still using their colour wallets from over 30 years ago - they have loved buying their colours and enjoyed the decades of compliments but now realise that some of the shades in their wallet are not as complimentary as they used to be. The pleasure I get from seeing them in their new shades or, in some cases, just helping them understand some of the subtle changes that need to be made as their colouring softens or cools down is immense.

60 minutes

Price:  £100, plus the cost of any new elements you might need in your wallet.


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