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Its just frilling!

Citrus dressFrills, ruffles, call them what you will, are back!  “Oh no” I hear most of my clients cry - living in the depths of Hampshire,  virtually all of my clients  have natural/classic style personalities - and frills just don’t go with the country life!

But don’t panic - the new frills aren’t the familiar busy ruffle we know but instead a more elegant detail. It might be a demure neckline, a stylish ripple on a cuff, a soft drape on a top or a sculpted wave on a skirt. It might be just one ripple or two or three, but they won’t be fluttering all over the place frightening the horses!

On the catwalk, designer frills looked reminiscent of the trademark hems on a flamenco skirt or a ladylike trim from the 1940’s. The frill for spring 2013 is definitely a more feminine and stylish look that says “I’m on trend AND I’m elegant.”

Can you pull it off? 

Here are three things to consider:

  1. Does it suit your style? 
    Even though the new frill is less fussy, if you’re a natural style personality you may still shy away from it. However, you might find a simple, soft t- shirt with a gentle frill works for you. How about this pretty  Mantaray number available from Amazon!  (Yes they do clothes too.)  There, that’s not too scarey, is it?
    Style image
  2. How do I wear it? 
    It’s all about the fabric and where you wear it. Softer fabrics will fall softly against curves and stiffer fabrics won’t, so think about what works for your figure. As with any embellishment or detail, you don’t want to wear it on a fuller part of your body as it will make that part look bigger.  I love this dress from Per Una - GREAT for curvy girls who need stretchy fabric!
    per-una dress
  3. How many ruffles and what size? 
    If in doubt, go for one ruffle in one garment. The size of the frill is important too: small figures should choose small to medium frills whilst larger frames can carry larger frills. This absolute bargain (left) from George at Asda is perfect for a nod to the frill or how about this stunning red Alexon evening dress from Debenhams  to make a real statement!
    George dress from Asda evening dress from Debenhams

If you live in  Hampshire, the New Forest, Southampton or the  Isle of Wight (I pick up from the Hythe ferry!) and aren’t sure what your dominant colouring, style or face shape is, why not come and have a consultation with me -  I absolutely love helping women to find their best look - so rewarding and such great feedback!

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