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Don't let Winter Win!

Don't let Winter winAdopt these five colour tips to feel instantly perkier this Winter:

  1. Wear colour near your face.
    If you don’t have any colour in your winter wardrobe, invest in some now!       I
    t really will lift your mood through the dark days.
  2. 2.  Apply stronger lip colour.     
    Lips should be bolder in winter to help you you look healthier and  more vibrant
  3. Buy yourself a stylish and colourful umbrella!     
    You won’t feel miserable pulling out a glam red/pink/vibrant blue umbrella  (unlike dull black).
  4. Get yourself a mani/pedi in your favourite colours      
    They don’t have to match, go for your two favourite colours!
    Strawberry nails
  5. Start planning your colours for spring!     
    As the days begin to get lighter and longer you can start introducing some spring colours, so get ready!
    Spring flowers
  6. OK, one more just incase you haven’t done it already – get your colours done!

If you live in  Hampshire, the New Forest, Southampton or the  Isle of Wight (I pick up from the Hythe ferry!) and aren’t sure what your dominant colouring, style or face shape is, why not come and have a consultation with me -  I absolutely love helping women to find their best look - so rewarding and such great feedback!

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