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Accessories at the ready!

Oliver BonasIt's winter, which means it's time to have fun with your accessories. Sparkly pieces and colourful gems instantly pep up a winter outfit and bring your look up-to-date. The best accessories are those that singularly transform an outfit and work for numerous occasions. Shoes  and handbags may require a bit more consideration, but if you choose carefully then an embellished clutch or some colourful party shoes will see you through a few Christmas seasons.

If you use your accessories well you will expand your wardrobe because you will create more looks to wear. Remember, your accessories should enhance your outfit, help you create a different look for different occasions and express your personality. Here is my pick of the best pieces to look out for right now

The Statement Necklace

It literally says it all. You can wear a t-shirt and jeans, put on a statement necklace and heels and your look is instantly transformed. For partywear, your jewellery should enhance your outfit and not make it look cluttered. So, if your outfit is already making a statement, you don't need an enormous accessory to add to the conversation - unless making lots of different statements in your look happens to be your style. The choice is vast including silver and gold, glass drops, empire collar, triple row and layered, colourful mock gems, opulent sparkle, heritage and so on... Make sure you get one with a few spare links so you can adjust it to sit at the right length for your neck/decolletage.


Pearls are back!

Pearls have often been associated with twinsets and conservative types, but not so any more and they are currently having a fashion moment. The look this season is ?heirloom' so if you have some of grandma's pearls tucked away in a box, now is the time to show them off. They are more subtle than sparkly pieces but no less alluring and they still reflect enough light to lift an outfit. Pearls and (mock) diamonds together are even better!

If you love pearls, try to visit the V&A Pearls exhibition in London showing until 19th January.

Pearl jewellery

Pointed shoes

Perhaps it's the current ladylike look that has brought back pointy shoes. Elegant and sexy, they look more like a going out shoe. They make your legs look longer and leaner too (hooray say those of us under 5'5"!). To make them extra alluring, choose a sling back, cutaway or show some toe cleavage. Don't be afraid to go for a bold colour (or two colours if you fancy) just make sure they suit your look and work with a few party outfits. Metallic, embellished, suede, patent - the choice is unlimited for partywear. The advantage with a pointy shoe is that it will look elegant in any shade, even neutrals like black or nude, but if you choose neutral then make it an interesting fabric. A colour is more fun though. If heels are not your thing, go for a pointy ballet shoe with a diamante.

High heels

Clutch bags for day and night

Whilst the clutch bag was designed for evenings (when you're not supposed to carry as much stuff as in the daytime, apparently) you will be entirely on trend if you use your clutch during the day. If that appeals to you, you might want to choose a clutch you can use for day and night, perhaps a style that is bigger with less embellishment. If you invest a little more in a good quality one, you know you can use it beyond parties and weddings. If a more understated clutch seems too boring for your parties, there are plenty decorative designs that you would expect to see at this time of year. The best clutch bags are those with optional chains so you don't have to cling to your clutch all night!

Clutch bags

Tights - go sheer

Whatever you are wearing, sheer tights are the look this season. To look chic in your sheers you need to adhere to two rules: 1. keep your legs in good shape, exfoliated and moisturised (you will be glad you did come the spring) and 2. choose the right shade of nude for your skin tone

Sheer tights

Your smileAnd the best accessory of all? Your smile!

They say a smile is your best accessory so make sure yours is lipstick-perfect. In winter, your lips need extra care so keep them protected and moisturised. Use a lip base to prime your lips and hold your lip colour all evening followed by lip pencil to help set the colour. Finally, apply great lip colour and avoid getting it on your teeth! Have a fabulous festive season


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