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Pantone have just announced THE colour for 2013 and it’s  ... Emerald!  Well, if you want to be up there “on trend” you’ll have to be a bit careful, because some colourings could well end up with the emerald item wearing them!  If you’re clear (think Kate Middleton), cool (Judi Dench) or deep (Cheryl Cole) you will sparkle with a bright emerald near your face, but warm colourings should add a hint of goldenness, perhaps with tangerine or coral, softs should opt for a muted  fabric like velvet,  and light dominants could incorporate it in their outfit away from their face.  Oh, and what’s  Pantone?  Follow the link to find out.


Well, a bit of a discussion going on about matchy-matchy v clashy-clashy and it’s all about your age!  If you’re in your thirties “matchy-matchy”is now back in with a bang, but beware if you’re 40 and over because matchy- matchy has been around before for some of us and nothing dates you more than being too carefully co-ordinated.

Personally, I love the orange/pink combination, which has been everywhere long enough to make it into a classic - if you have muted hair, eyes and skin you should soften it down a bit to blush pink and salmon, pale ethereals can wear apricot and candy, whereas dramatic bright and dark looks can really go for it with cyclamen and pumpkin.  Warm skins should be careful about putting the pink near their face, whereas the cools will look much much healthier with cooler tones on top.

The slipper shoe, the tartan skirt, 3-D patterns - here’s Colour me Beautiful’s take on it all!

November stylesSlippers



A client came in for a style consultation today, wondering why, although she loved her jacket on the hanger, it just didn’t feel right on her and she couldn’t wear it.  Its straight shape didn’t fit herlovely hourglass figure properly and, just to demonstrate, I tried it on my more rectangular shape - perfect!  She loved my red and pink pashminas  -perfect for her cool colouring, so swap done.

Body shape

Southampton Yacht lubSEPTEMBER

Had a great day today showing the lovely ladies of the Royal Yacht Club how great they can look in their best colours and lipsticks.   Interestingly, the one person who didn’t seem at all convinced was then the first to book a consultation.  As my glamorous assistant (and psychologist daughter) Lucinda pondered - I think she was a  “reflector”!


Had a brilliant afternoon with mum and daughters looking to find their most flattering colours for the upcoming wedding.   All three were entirely different colouring, so it made for a very interesting afternoon!  Mum had lovely golden warm tones, daughter one was beautifully soft and muted and daughter two deep and dramatic! I think they’d be able to find some more outfit inspiration on this usefull Debenham’s link.

Wedding hat



male modelsWrong colours age you


Well, I was a very proud Mother of the Bride recently, Here’s my lovely daughter and new son-in-law John. Charlotte is also a CMB Consultant - check her out on her website Chic by Charlotte..  The wedding, of course, was just perfectly colour coordinated.

Charlotte, as a blonde, blue eyed and fair skinned "light” looked just right in her ivory dress.  In fact the whole marquee was done out in her colours now I come to think of it!  Not that we’re obsessed or anything!



A CMB consultation can have a really profound effect on people, helping them to move on when they’ve had a big life-changing event, such as retirement.  I received this lovely email today from a lady who came to see me with her friend for colour analysis and then a style consultation.  This is why I love this job so much....


If you live in  Hampshire, the New Forest, Southampton or the  Isle of Wight (I pick up from the Hythe ferry!) and aren’t sure what your dominant colouring, style or face shape is, why not come and have a consultation with me -  I absolutely love helping women to find their best look - so rewarding and such great feedback!
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